Shine In Your Life

Tell the criminal secrets in our life!

Our Cool World!


Why I show you the graves on the world?

           Because mom reminded me by phone this 11th need pay 1o years management fee for my father’s grave to the cemetery. Not only my father, several of our family’s relatives, friends, some neighbors have been murdered lonely lying in the graves, also I know a lot of targets’ family members, relatives, friends, neighbors have been killed.  In this secret fascist terrorist murder world, about dozen millions innocent persons have been killed in fascist high tech beam weapons.







         Dad was killed, I believe New Nazi terrorists and fascist terrorists you will be killed! Just same as these old nazi soldiers!



          Brave US military personnel, when you know this secret the new Nazi and new fascist still are killing the innocent in secret? Just use the secret weapons electromagnetic beams or other beams killing the innocent persons?


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